SVN | Subversion Client for Mac

Super easy enterprise class version control. Packed with features, blazing fast and beautifully designed.

Universal app runs natively on Apple Silicon.
Subversion 1.14.1, interactive conflict resolution and native shelving & checkpointing.

14 Day Free Trial
Version 1.3.8 Requires macOS 10.14 or later

Browser The Working Copy Browser View a wealth of information about your working copy Commit The Commit View Make those last minute checks by instantly previewing your changes in the commit view Log The Log View View log entries with integrated issue tracking and see changes made to modified changed paths. Blame The Blame View View blame / annotation information and the log message associated with each line Compare The Compare View Beautifully designed built-in file comparison with super smooth synchronized scrolling

Commit Browser Log Blame Dark Mode Work in stunning dark mode to reduce eye strain

Slide SVN Designed for Mac Built from the ground up exclusively for the Mac New Interactive Conflict Resolver Resolve File, Tree and Property conflicts with ease Supports All URL Schemes Connect using http, https, svn, svn+ssh or file Authentication Just Works Take The Pain Out of Merging Find What Your Looking for Fast Supports basic, digest, user certificate, ssh and SASL Easy Synchronise, Reintegrate, Cherry Pick and Two URL Merging Powerful filtering and searching

Slide Popovers We like popovers and they feature quite a bit in Xversion. You will find performing tasks a breeze. In most cases it's just a click of a button, a popover appears right under your mouse, select the options you need and you're done.

Slide Properties Select multiple files and edit their properties simultaneously.

Easily add, edit and delete external definitions and ignore properties on folders.
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Slide Merging Xversion supports the three different types of merge operations:

Cherry Pick

In your working copy browser just select your merge target and from the commands menu select your merge type. You will be presented with a sheet with all the options available. You can preview the output of the merge to check everything will go as expected.

The cherry pick merge also offers a revision ranges picker to help find the ranges you need.
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Slide Features

  • Create new repositories using any supported library version.
  • Browse repositories at any revision.
  • Supports http, https, svn, svn+ssh and file.
  • Filter by commit date or lock state.
  • Perform checkouts using any supported library version.
  • Perform sparse checkouts.
  • Drag & drop to move and copy items.
  • Drag & drop export and import.
  • Lock, unlock and delete files.
  • Create new folders or entire folder paths.
  • View file and folder properties.
  • View blame / annotation information and corresponding log message.
Working Copies

  • View working copy with options to include externals, view repository updates and view ignored items.
  • Powerful filtering by status, name ,author and many more.
  • Dedicated commit view. See committable items and view file changes before committing.
  • Quick update to head or update with options.
  • Upgrade working copy format.
  • Add and delete items.
  • Cleanup with new options in subversion v1.9.
  • Drag & drop to move and copy items.
  • Lock and unlock files.
  • Create new folders or entire folder paths.
  • Revert modified items back to base.
  • Supports sparse checkouts.
  • Easily resolve file, tree and property conflicts with the interactive conflict resolver.
  • Drag & drop to export working version to finder or export with dialog and options.
  • Identify tree conflicts and see a problem description.
  • Merge and reverse merge items using:
    1. Complete, Cherry-Pick or Two URL
  • Preview a merge to identify any potential issues.
  • Visual revision range picker lets you see log information for each revision and indicates which revisions have already been merged.
  • Simple right click to ignore unversioned items.
  • Switch working copy or individual items.
  • Relocate working copy to new repository URL.
  • View and modify subversion file and folder properties.
  • Quick comparing against head or base or with options.
  • Create and apply patch files.
  • Spacebar to Quicklook files and folders.
Other Features

  • Subversion built-in no need for extra installs.
  • View detailed log information and associated changed paths.
  • View blame / annotation information and corresponding log message.
  • View a transcript of the current session.
  • Fullscreen support
  • Keep repositories and working copies organised in the sidebar.
  • Badges for local changes & updates shown in the sidebar.
  • Keychain integration.
  • Authentication support for basic, digest, user certificate, ssh and SASL.
  • Options to use system http proxy and DNS exclusions.
  • Issue tracking integration.
  • Hi resolution graphics looks great on retina Macs.
  • Built-in help
  • Drag sub-folders in the browser straight into the sidebar.
  • Compare and merge integration with:
    1. Araxis Merge
    2. BBEdit
    3. Beyond Compare
    4. Changes
    5. DeltaWalker
    6. DiffMerge
    1. FileMerge
    2. Kaleidoscope
    3. P4Merge
    4. TextMate
    5. TextWrangler
  • Integrate your own compare or merge scripts.

What people are saying on the App Store

SpeedGamer (USA) – Great
I feel like I have used every SVN client that exists on OS X, this is the only one I’ve found that:
1) Is fully native
2) Works well with a 6GB+ project
3) Is full featured, including merging and built-in diff
4) Doesn’t crash all the time
Not only that, but it’s very affordable and looks to be updated often. The last client I used was 5X the price, crashes often, and hasn’t been updated in a year.

Bababelouba (France) – The best SVN client
Blazing fast, full of features, easy to use, good looking …and cheap, Xversion is now my main SVN client. The assistance provided by Jonathan is great, he quickly solved the only issue I encountered. Thumb up!

Lazarus Long (USA) – Excellent GUI for Subversion
Xversion is fast, light and powerful. Everything you might need to do with the command line, you can do with this well-designed interface. Working with repositories and working copies is easy. I recently switched to Xversion from another app and have not looked back. When I had questions, the developer responded quickly. Highly recommended.

minimapxl (Italy) – Great utility
As an SVN user since its introduction, I must say that in an era of bloated applications, this utility stands out for its small size, extreme simplicity of use, and flexibility in seamlessly supporting virtually all SVN versions currently in use. Its distinctive Mac look and feel is handy for novice users and surely appreciated by more experienced people. Technical support—which I had the opportunity to experience first hand recently—is outstanding and compares favourably in speed and quality even with respect to the offerings of much larger software companies.

F4rthD3v1l (Australia) – Brilliant!
Use this in combination with the Simple SVN Server (running on a separate mac mini server – also available on the Mac App Store), and you can work on your projects one day at a time and keep track of everything. Brilliant low cost way to keep your code inside-LAN and collaborate with a small team on the next big thing.